Our Mission

  1. To promote social welfare, lessen and eliminate human suffering and misery, ameliorate the plight of the poor, and combat the spread of diseases in Latin America and other foreign states (and in so doing, lessen the burdens of government);
  2. to provide medical and dental care and treatment for the poor and others in Latin America, the Caribbean and other foreign states who lack adequate health care due to social or geographical isolation and other causes;
  3. to develop, produce and disseminate information and educational materials related to public health issues, hygiene, and general medical and dental health care issues in Latin America, the Caribbean and other foreign states;
  4. to encourage, support and carry out research and study and otherwise advance public education and knowledge and increase the awareness of the public as to policies, problems and concepts which affect the delivery of adequate medical and dental health care in Latin America, the Caribbean and other foreign states;
  5. to engage in nonpartisan analysis, study, research and dissemination of information on the above issues;
  6. to accomplish the above purposes by all reasonable and practical means, including the dissemination of information in all forms and through all media, to sponsor for, to provide accounts of new and critical problems related to these issues, and to sponsor and fund publications, in all forms, wherein such information may be communicated to the public, and:
  7. to do any lawful acts and enter into all lawful agreements that may be necessary, useful, suitable or proper to accomplish the charitable purposes of the Corporation, provided the same is permitted under Sction 501(c)(3) of the Code.
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